Pear and rosemary french toast

Pear and Rosemary french toast for a slow Sunday morning

Give us our daily bread I don't eat bread often, but when I do I prefer a sourdough bread made with stone ground flour and I just loved the Pear and Rosemary french toast. I do have a gluten intolerance but my gut seems to cope well when I eat…
Naartjie and Greek yogurt pavlova

Naartjie and Greek yogurt Pavlova to wow a crowd

Doesn't this Naartjie and Greek yogurt pavlova just brighten up your day and remind you of spring and freshness.  I have always loved pavlovas. They are so easy to make but are always a showstopper dessert. I developed this recipe in collaboration with MUNCHING MONGOOSE.  I knew I was getting…
Bone broth soup

Bone broth soup, the ‘elixir’ of life

Bone broth really is all the healthy hype now. And eating bone broth soup is a very tasty way of helping to build your body. You have always been told to drink chicken soup by your grandmother when you were ill and there really is so much truth to it.…
Chicken traybake

Chicken traybake, your one stop dinner

I turn to a chicken traybake at least once a week for dinner. It is, fast and there is almost no washing up. If you are anything like me and can't help yourself but be in the kitchen almost all the time you will know a messy kitchen is part…


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