Munching mongoose

{Review} Organic food delivery from Munching Mongoose

How great is it to receive organic food on your doorstep every week as if you were just at a market, what a brilliant concept by Munching Mongoose. What I really love about blogging is to have a platform to share great recipes, products and then also great businesses that…
Butternut scones

Butternut scones, such a great recipe for fussy children

Even the fussiest eater will be swayed with these butternut scones and can actually help to count towards your 5 a day vegetable portions. How to get children to eat more vegetables A few years ago I bought a book by Fiona Faulkner  25 Foods kids hate.....and how to get…
Product review: KURO-Bō activated charcoal

{Product review} KURO-Bō activated charcoal an Eco-Friendly 100% natural way to filter water.

{Product review} KURO-Bō activated charcoal KURO-Bō activated charcoal has changed our lives for the better. Water has never tasted this amazing. So fresh and clean. This little stick is really a game-changer and just had to do a review for everyone who has not tried it. I just recently discovered…
Meal planning

Meal planning really can be this easy, just start.

Meal planning sounds tedious but it really can help you and your family live more healthy and organised lives. ''Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Life can get pretty hectic and juggling all the balls of life is no easy undertaking. But for you…


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