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10 ‘Healthier’ Baking recipes

I know, I know you don’t have time. But let me tell you baking saves my butt every week and when I don’t bake something I buy something- and it is often something not so healthy and costs a lot more.

As part of my October 30-day Kitchen Challenge we kick off Day 1 with a baking challenge. Get into the habit of baking at least one thing over the weekend. After a while you will even have some stock in the freezer. This is great to grab for lunchboxes, snacks and after school activities. I did a round up of some of the recipes I like to bake and also a few that caught my eye on Pinterest. I know some of the bars actually don’t need to go in the oven, but for me measuring out and mixing ingredients ingredients are pretty much the same as baking, maybe just a little bit less effort.

Adjust sugar content and make the recipes gluten-free if needed. What I always look for is recipes that are full of fibre and protein.

1.Butternut scones

Another recipe to make with leftover pumpkin. The favourite part for me is the cinnamon sugar on top.

Cinnamon spiced butternut scones

2. Gluten-Free Oat Crunchies

Who does not like an oat crunchie? These are great for lunchboxes and snacks, they are not like traditional crunchies with loads of sugar and butter. Instead of flour use almond flour or ground sunflower seeds to make it gluten-free.

Gluten free oat crunchies

3. Pumpkin muffins

I love a muffin, and bake them the most. I started baking muffins and selling them to our neighbours when I was still in school. So we go way back. This recipe is especially useful if you have some leftover pumpkin and I promise the kids won’t know that their’s pumpkin in.

. Pumpkin muffins

4.Black bean brownies

I have made this recipe so many times over the years. And the secret ingredients is a tin of black beans. I know, it sounds weird but it just works. So this recipe is full of fibre and protein. The nutella frosting is totally optional.

Black bean brownie with 'Nutella' frosting

5.Chocolate peanut butter oat bars

Recipe by The Honour system, looks delicious but have not tested it yet.


I developed this recipe for friends that do trail runs. Really delicious, especially when the nuts and coconut is roasted.

7. Fritatta Fingers by the Chiappa sisters

I have made this a few times, Great for lunchboxes

8. Bacon and corn muffins

Recipe by Simply delicious. I have not tried it but it looks delicious.

9. Peanut butter chocolate oat cups

Recipe by Nadiya’s kitchen. Looks delicious and easy.

10. No bake granola bars

From Lazy Cat’s Kitchen. Looks like a winner!





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