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Chocolate Granola Bark


Chocolate Granola Bark

This is the easiest recipe you can make for a quick dessert and only require a few ingredients.  I created this as part of my 30-Day Kitchen challenge on social media. Don’t always go for take-aways but make a platter with your family’s favourite but healthy foods. For a Friday night movie night. The granola bark is delicious and easy to make. So add it to your platter.

Use the 5- Minute-frying pan granola recipe, but I adjusted it slightly with using one cup of oats and 1 cup of coconut flakes.

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Granola Bark

To put a platter together use lot’s of colourful veggies sticks, fruit, some crunchy chips. I like to use salty flavoured corn chips. Add a dip, hummus, guacamole, cottage cheese with pesto. Don’t always go for the cream cheese, it is very high in fat. You could also add biltong or unprocessed meat.Add some nuts for protein. My family always really enjoy these platters. It is alot more food than you think. Share it around a table or in front of a movie.

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Granola Bark

Granola Bark

  • Author: Ankie Niesing
  • Cook Time: 5
  • Total Time: 5
  • Yield: 4-8 portions 1x


Delicious and easy dessert, make it in 5 minutes



200g Dark chocolate ( I used the Salted Caramel from Forage and Feast)

1 cup granola, might be a little less

1 tsp coconut oil( this is just to make the chocolate more spreadable)

I added a few extra pistachio’s and cranberries for colour


Melt the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water until melted, add the coconut oil.

Pour onto a baking tray preferably lined with a silicon sheet, so it does not get stuck.

Spread it out, don’t worry about doing it too perfect. Don’t spread it too thin. About 0.5mm.

Sprinkle the chocolate with granola, cranberries and pistachio’s.

You can set it in the fridge but if you are in a rush pop in the freezer, it will be ready in a few minutes.

Break into pieces and serve.


Ankie Niesing

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