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Cooking classes for young and old

Two things I love the most are cooking and teaching so combining these two are my absolute joy! My cooking classes are informal, fun and educational. We only use simple, fresh ingredients that will take you on a journey of scents, textures, and discovery. Classes include demonstrations and hands-on cooking courses. I am in the process of adding an online booking system to streamline bookings. But in the meantime, you will have to sign up to my newsletter for monthly class info or just pop an email to

Children’s cooking classes

As a teacher, I have a soft spot for children and teaching them to love cooking and real ingredients are something I always wanted to do. It is a vital life skill and working and learning about food can often mean the end of fussy eating. I offer holiday classes, Saturday classes and courses for home-schooled children for anyone from the ages 4 and upward.

Holiday cooking classes

To book a spot at our Holiday Club classes, e-mail me at Spaces are limited. We are going to have a lot of fun.


Real food parties

Kids love parties and as their moms, we don’t mind the occasional sweet treat but when we look at the bigger picture, there is a lot of sugar making its way around schools, parties and most social events.

Parties can be just as fun with healthy and super tasty foods and treats!

Perhaps your child suffers from food intolerances or you are a mom that works really hard to prepare healthy food for your family but party packs and the school’s tuck shop makes it all the harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention finding a party venue that will share in your preferred eating habits!

After a lot of thought over the past few months, I realized a calling for creating real food parties. It hinders me when I see children at parties decorating cupcakes with icing sugar, eating MSG-loaded chips and sugar-laden fizzy drinks and indulging in junk food and sweets.

I felt like part of the problem but wanted to be part of the solution and help children to develop a healthy and beneficial relationship with food.

My real food parties will focus on where food comes from, the process of making it and then enjoying it with their friends. As wheat and dairy sensitivities are on the increase, I will avoid these at our parties and only use good quality stoneground flour when we bake pizzas and bread. Things like honey and fruits will be our natural sweetener of choice (if needed in the recipe) and overall there will be a lot of healthy and pleasant eating.

Are you ready for a real food party with good fun?

Cooking classes for domestic workers and nannies

Anyone is welcome in my kitchen and as part of my cooking venture, I also offer classes for domestic workers and nannies. The aim is to teach basic cooking skills and impart knowledge of healthy eating to not only help them gain confidence in the kitchen but also be of great assistance to your family.

The recipes are carefully chosen and aimed at families and families with children. These recipes are mostly gluten and refined sugar-free and filled with fresh fruits and veggies (although we try to be discreet by hiding them from fussy eaters!)

We don’t compromise on taste and use a lot of fresh herbs and spices so your family’s meals will be filled with flavour.

domestic cooking classes in Johannesburg

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