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Easy Beetroot Blender muffins with chocolate ganache

I am very fond of these pictures and these Beetroot blender muffins with chocolate ganache. It was the first time I really picked up a camera and made an attempt to capture food. Taking pictures with a phone is a very different ball game than using an SLR camera. I am proud of these pictures because it shows I finally understood aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. I am still no expert but I have learned a ton since I took these.

Why muffins are my favourite?

I have a soft spot for a muffin. When I were in primary school my brother bought me a recipe book just for muffins and scones. I loved baking from that book. I still have it. But it also turned me into a little entrepreneur by selling 12 muffins for R48 to my mom’s friends. It was all profit because I used my mom’s ingredients. I should have paid more attention and should have done better costing but that is my journey with muffins. And I still love them because they are great in lunch boxes, as a snack, or you could make a whole batch and freeze them.

You can totally feel less guilty about scoffing these muffins away because you are technically eating vegetables. To speed things up use vacuumed packed beetroot for this recipe otherwise I like to cook beetroot in my Instant pot for weekly meal prep. It takes about 20-30 minutes. But I will write a detailed post about Instant pot in a separate post.

I use my Omniblend for so many tasks in my kitchen, from making smoothies to blending flour, making nut butter, pancake batter, and now also blending ingredients for muffins.

Vegan ganache

This vegan ganache is delicious and so versatile. And really easy, did I mention easy!! All you need is coconut milk and chocolate chips. But you have to be patient though. It takes a bit of time to set and to become thick.

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Easy Beetroot blender muffins with chocolate ganache icing

Easy Beetroot Blender muffins with chocolate ganache

  • Author: Ankie Niesing
  • Prep Time: 20
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Total Time: 40
  • Yield: 12 1x


These muffins are just so damn delicious. Moist and soft and full of vegetables.



180g cake flour (You could also substitute the flour with half rye and spelt flour)

3 tsp baking powder

100g brown sugar

40g cocoa

100g choc chips

3 eggs

100ml melted coconut oil

90ml buttermilk or plain yogurt

5ml vanilla

250g beetroot ( I used vacuum packed)

Chocolate ganache

Heat 1/2 cup coconut milk

80g chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 180’C 

Add muffin cases or silicone moulds to a muffin pan.

In a bowl mix the dry ingredients.

In a blender add the eggs, melted coconut oil, buttermilk, vanilla and cooked beetroot. Blend until smooth.

Add the ‘beetroot egg smoothie’ to the dry ingredients and stir just until mixed. Don’t overmix and just stir about 20 times.

Spoon into muffin moulds. 

Bake for 20 minutes until cooked. Leave to cool down.

Instructions for Ganache

Heat coconut milk on the stove until warm. Add the chocolate chips to a bowl. Pour the warm coconut milk over the chocolate and stir until melted. Place in the fridge and beat every few minutes. It will take at least 40-50 minutes until thickened. Once cool and thick, decorate muffins.



The ganache is such a great vegan option for frosting and can also be used on large cakes.

Don’t over stir muffins otherwise they will crack.

Ankie Niesing

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