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Exam Notecards-Free Download

Exam notecards and ideas for a care pack

It is the start of exam season here in South Africa. I have two cousins writing their Matric exams. We don’t live close by so I decided to pack them a care parcel and courier it to them.

I also designed some exam notecards that we will also gift be to my daughter’s friends with a chocolate or cookies. Just to say we are thinking of them.

You can download the Exam Notecards, they are already grouped in a pack of four for easy printing.

Write a thoughtful note of encouragement!

Ideas to add to a care pack

Get a sturdy box, from your own orders or I love these boxes from Merrypak. This is also a nice size for gifts and also fits in an A3 courier bag.

I like to add some grass/paper cuttings so the gifts does not role around. I got mine from Westpack.

Decide on a colour scheme for some extra visual esthetics.

I added Nomu‘s skinny hot chocolate available from most supermarkets

Woolies mini marshmallows

A little lip balm

A notebook from China mall

A nougat bar from MaMere and

A health bar from Woolies

Other ideas could be pens, mugs and warm socks

Bio plus

Terbodore Cookies

Nuts and Popcorn

Wrap your box up in a ribbon and send it off with much love.

Your thoughtful gift will be much appreciated when hunger strikes and they are in need of a little motivation.

Exam Notecards



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