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Festive baking kits

I am so excited to share our first Baking kits with you, it is an idea that has been brewing for a few months. I love teaching children’s cooking classes but can only accommodate a few at a time and it is mostly local children that attend. I recreated what we do in our classes for you at home.

Introducing our new Branding for the newest member of the family. Wooden spoon kids. Kids have always been part of my business but I think they deserve a special place and that is why I am also starting separate social media accounts for them. I would like to empower children more with cooking as a life skill and have many ideas on how to implement this. But for now, I am excited to share the Festive baking kits with you!

Festive baking boxes

Our beautiful earth-friendly baking kits are designed to get families back in the kitchen, creating memories and spending quality time together.

Teaching kids about the importance of gifting and being more mindful about reducing waste. The bags I used for packaging are made from Cornstarch and are bio-degradable. I will give a few more ideas on social media on how to reduce the waste of this lovely gift.

My supplier for the bulk goods is my friend Marlies from the amazing online zero-waste shop Unwrapped Co.

This kit would be suitable for children 5 years and up but would require less parent involvement for older children.

It took me forever to come up with the recipes and it had to meet a lot of criteria, they might not be as healthy as I wanted them to be but I made a start and it is Christmas so let’s celebrate small victories and family!

The box consists of 3 themes; Craft, Gift and Family tradition.


This easy, no-mess craft will keep them busy for a few hours and they could also decorate the ornaments with stamps, sharpies or leaf patterns from the garden. They will look beautiful on the Christmas tree or as gift tags and could be air-dried overnight so you just need a saucepan, water, and a wooden spoon. The cutter and string are provided so get creative!

Family Tradition

Start a new family tradition with the Bonus recipe I included in making Cinnabons for Christmas morning. It is lovely working with dough, watching it rise and shaping it and the smell of freshly baked Cinnabons will be amazing, makes you wish we lived in the Northen Hemisphere and had a white Christmas.


It is the season of giving and that is why I included a gift box and tag in the kit. So when you baked the biscotti, give some away and decorate the tag and write a message to a teacher, a helper in the house or a grandparent.

Each kit includes:

  • Craft mix and recipe card {biodegradable packaging)
  • 1 x Cutter shape
  • Festive string for the craft activity
  • 1 x Gift Box and tag
  • 1 x Biscotti mix and recipe card { biodegradable packaging}
  • 1 x Bag of cranberries {biodegradable packaging}
  • 1 x Feel good: A3 Advent calender
  • 1 x Mini chef apron (Age 5-14 Years)
  • 1 bonus recipe

You will also receive a mini chef apron (5-14 Years) in your kit to make the chefs look extra cute in the kitchen. The fabric is durable and I used the exact same design and fabric that I have been using for the last 5 Years in my classes. The strings pull-down giving a perfect fit.

Advent calendar

The beautiful Advent Calendar is packed full of ideas to count down to Christmas. With good deed ideas, family fun ideas and using the contents of the box.

I tried to stay local with most of my suppliers, it really also takes a village to bring a box like this together and let me tell you it took months of research and planning and I am using no less than 17 Suppliers!!!

The chef apron will make them feel extra special doing their Christmas baking and is lovingly made by an incredible seamstress that needs extra money to help her daughter through school. So just know that this box is supporting 17 other people and companies, that is quite special!

Here are a few special mentions of suppliers:

Graphic designer Berna Hancke-Coles

Photographer: Tracey Kelsey

Bio-degradable packaging: Green Home

Ingredient supplier: Unwrapped Co.

Hopefully, you are convinced that this will make a great gift for a special child in your life so head over to the online shop and order yours now. I only have limited stock and you only have two weeks to order before deliveries go out.

Please share your mini chefs and their boxes on social media, would love to see them baking. Use #woodenspoonkids




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Hi, I'm Ankie! Welcome to Wooden Spoon Kitchen, my pantry of life, love and health where we constantly stir laughter, learning, eating and cooking together!

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  1. Ankie and Berna; Samuel and Miella
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    Well done!

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