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Gluten free banana pancakes with berry compote

Weekend pancakes, what is not to love. There are a gazillion recipes out there and I have tried half of them. I occasionally make pancakes with wheat flour but often has to suffer stomach cramps afterward. So I try to stick to a gluten-free version.

A glutenfree flour that works really well for traditional pancakes is Health riot’s cassava flour. It tastes pretty much the same as wheat flour. But the banana pancake recipe I am sharing is not supposed to taste like traditional pancakes, they are super healthy and delicious especially when you add a berry compote and some Greek yogurt.

How lovely will these be in bed, now you just need to find someone to make them for you while you are taking the day off for mothers day.

Gluten free banana pancakes



3 very ripe bananas
1 cup of milk of your choice, I used almond milk
750g buckwheat flour
1/4 cup coconut oil melted
2 tbs honey
5ml cinnamon
5ml baking powder
pinch of salt

Berry Compote

250 g mixed frozen berries
5ml vanilla
2-3 tbs honey
orange zest (optional)
To serve: Greek yogurt


Peel the bananas and place all the ingredients in a food processor, blend until smooth. Make sure the batter is thick enough to drop off a spoon like normal pancake batter. If it is too thick add more liquid and if it is a little to thin add more buckwheat flour.

Heat 1 tbs coconut oil in a frying pan, add  large dollops of batter into the hot pan. Wait until pancakes bubbles and start browning before flipping over.

While the pancakes are cooking heat berries in a saucepan and add the rest of the ingredients. Boil for about 5 minutes until thick and syrupy. If it is not liquid enough add a dash of water.

Stack the pancakes, drizzle with the compote and add a dollop of yogurt. Squeeze an extra drizzle of honey just because…Enjoy!



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