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Mango, pineapple, ginger and turmeric smoothie bowl

Smoothie Bowl

I know it is not mango season yet but now you can be prepared. Mango has to be my all time fravourite fruit and I can’t wait to eat them again. Here is also a Mango Chia seed pudding you can make.

Some people are still trying to get on the smoothie trend and now you have to get your head around a smoothie bowl.

It is basically a smoothie but with a thicker consistency that you can eat out of a bowl. The bonus is you can decorate it with fruits, granola, seeds  and edible flowers if that is your thing. I for one find it therapeutic but a lot of people will not be up for the fuss. It is a great way to eat more fruits and add extra fibre to your diet.

How to get a thicker consistency?

Use frozen fruit especially the banana and less liquid. It should be the consistency of a sorbet. Adding turmeric makes it extra yellow, but don’t overdo it.  Turmeric has medicanal properties  and is anti-inflammatory and packed full of anti-oxidants.

What toppings to add to your smoothie bowls?

  • Homemade granola (try this recipe)
  • Chia seeds
  • Toasted sunflower & pumpkin seeds
  • Fresh fruit and berries
  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • Nuts
  • Nutbutter


Serves 2
1  mango chopped
1  pineapple chopped
1 frozen banana
1tsp turmeric
1 thumb size fresh ginger
Honey to taste (optional)
3/4cups  choice of milk (rice, almond, coconut milk, whole milk)


Freeze banana in advance and chill the milk you are going to use,
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
Pour into deep bowl and decorate with chosen toppings.

Smoothie bowl


Photograph: Tracey Kelsey photography

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