Plant-based Recipes

with meal plan guide

If you are curious about a vegan diet or are already on a vegan diet then this guide is for you.

Delicious plant-based recipes made with wholefood ingredients.

We created this meal plan guide to coincide with VEGANUARY. A month of eating no animal products. We are starting a little later in the month to give everyone time to get back home after the holidays and to settle back into routine. The recipes are a little more lengthy and require a bit of preparation but they are all delicious!

We have a special launch price of R99.95 until 29 January 2021!

This includes a guided weekly dinner meal plan for a month as well as nutritional information, useful kitchen hacks and 4 bonus recipes. After 29 January the price will be R150.

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What is included in this guide?
  • A month of weekly dinner recipes with pictures: {Monday – Thursday}
  • 16 recipes for weekday dinners
  • Weekly shopping & pantry lists
  • Tips on shopping for groceries
  • Tips on keeping food fresh
  • Tips on gut health
  • Nutritional advice
  • Protein, Iron, Omega-3 and Calcium library
  • Herbs and spices library for easy reference
  • Wholefood library for easy reference

Bonus recipes include:

  • 1x Breakfast recipe
  • 1x Fake-away recipe for Friday nights
  • 1x Healthy snack recipe
  • 1x Lunch recipe

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Tofu And Mango Bowl
Tofu And Mango Bowl

How to download?

Add the Plant-based meal plan guide to your cart and checkout. Your guide will be downloadable in PDF format after successful payment. You will receive an email with the link. If you love it let us know on social media and share a picture of your meals using the #plantbasedguide hashtag

Calorie information

We don’t provide exact nutritional content as it is not in our philosophy to monitor specific nutrients or calories (unless there is a medical reason for it) If you really want to calculate the calories or macros of a particular recipe, you may consider using an online diet analysis software.

Gluten-free options

Plenty of the recipes are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free by simple substitutions. We indicate whether this is the case for each recipe with a GF icon.

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Vegan & Vegetarian options

All recipes in this guide are vegan. That means no meat, eggs or any dairy has been used in the recipes. But you could still add meat or dairy to your meals if you prefer.

Refund policy

Since E-books are intangible and can be downloaded at any time after purchase, they are considered ‘used’ on purchase, and we cannot accept any requests for refunds or exchange. If there was a purchasing error or you’re having problems with your download, email us at and we will help you to get it sorted.


No part of this document may be reproduced shared in any form by any means, electronic or photo-copying. We have poured so much hard work and love into this project, thanks for supporting us with it.

R150.00BUY NOW

Tahini And Peanut Butter Fudge
Tahini And Peanut Butter Fudge