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Free Healthy Lunchbox Ideas download


Struggling with healthy ideas to include in your children’s lunchboxes?

Download this FREE E-book with tons of ideas, tips, recipes, nutritional information and beautiful visual ideas to make your child’s lunchboxes more nutritious and delicious.





Healthy Lunchbox ideasWe all know the struggle, trying to come up with lunchbox ideas every single day!! The struggle is real!

I developed this FREE resource for our school with the help of two dieticians Ezette Oosthuizen and Marike Bauermeister and would like to make it available as a FREE download to any mom that is in need of some inspiration this time of year when we are all tired. I hope it gives you some new ideas and inspiration to finish the year strong. 

If you are looking for the fabulous lunchbox that was used in the E-book it is available at MyCrunchbox. It is durable and I promise you we

have not had any leaks in four years. Yes, that’s how long they have lasted and they still look brand new!!

Healthy lunchbox ideas

If you are looking for more lunchbox inspiration you can find it under Back to school lunchbox ideas

Banana Muffins

Nut bars

Caramel popcorn

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