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Master Kitchen Edit Session


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Have you fallen out of love with your kitchen? Let me help you restore your calm with systems, planning & organization. Book a Master Kitchen Edit Session with me so you can love your kitchen again.

I love my kitchen, I love to cook and eat nourishing meals. What I don’t love is a messy kitchen, spending hours in the kitchen, tons of washing up, feeling overwhelmed, and wondering what is for dinner.

I am a trained Home Economist and after teaching and giving cooking classes for the last 20 years and also offering private classes in clients’ homes. I can spot your pitfalls and give solutions. As a busy mom of two, I have seen it all but also realise that the kitchen is a cause of much frustration for many moms and dads.  I want you to fall in love with your kitchen and cooking for your family.

I am by no means perfect but have certainly spent my 10 000 hours in the kitchen. It is where I am learning, and making mistakes, it is an outlet for my creativity, and it is where I take shortcuts, and also where I sometimes get fed up with the never-ending cycle of cooking and cleaning. But then I take a break and start again. It is my natural habitat where I love to create meals for my family but also where I love to teach and make a difference in people’s lives. I have tested thousands of recipes and know what works well for busy families and fussy children. I am very interested in nutrition and have assisted families when they need to cut out sugar, gluten, and dairy because of health reasons.

Over the last few years, I have become very passionate about minimalist living, zero-waste, composting, gardening, planning our meals, and eating nutritionally balanced meals. And can give you so much advice and tips if this is something you are interested in.

Kitchen EditIn the end, it is all about systems and once the system is in place organization will follow. To be in control of your kitchen is NOT just about spending a ton of money on pretty containers and having a beautiful pantry. There also needs to be a deeper understanding of cooking skills, keeping a minimalist kitchen, simplifying processes, and understanding nutrition.

I want you to feel happy, confident, and calm in your kitchen.

Kitchen EditMaster Kitchen Edit Session

4 hours at R3500 {Price excludes travel}

A full, 4-hour kitchen consultation

Travel to a destination 30km outside of Johannesburg is charged at R6 per/km

Additional hours will be charged at R875 per hour

itchen editWhat is a Master Kitchen Edit Session?

The process of taking stock of how your home kitchen is functioning.

Identifying gaps in terms of

  • equipment
  • pantry ingredients
  • clutter
  • organization
  • systems
  • recipes
  • budget
  • meal planning
  • nutrient-dense meals
  • children’s meals etc

What to expect?

Once I receive your booking confirmation, you will receive a survey via a Google Forms link. Complete the questions as detailed as you can and return the completed survey at least a week before the consultation. We also need to decide on a day. I only consult Tuesdays – Fridays from 9:00-13:00. We will also have a telephonic or zoom call before the consult to help me put together customized recipes together for your family.

On the day of the consultation, I come to your home to identify what are the pain points in your kitchen what we need to work on.

I will give you ideas on how to improve organization, planning, flow, and storage. How to utilize your freezer, and I will also do an equipment audit. We could also cook a few recipes together if that is your need.

By the end of the session, we would have identified the gaps in terms of kitchen equipment, pantry ingredients, systems, and recipes.

What is included?

  • WSK meal planner
  • Workbook { Essential capsule pantry list, equipment list, recipes, freezer meals, and nutrition theory}
  • Laminated Instant pot / High-pressure pot cheat sheet
  • Discount codes from kitchen storage solution websites & Omniblend
  • 30 minute – What’s up Call /Zoom in advance of the session

Who will benefit from a Master Kitchen Edit session?

  • Anyone using a kitchen but especially busy moms
  • You need to be in the right headspace to make some changes and to de-clutter
  • If you are willing to make some dietary changes for the health of yourself and your family
  • If you want to cook most meals and don’t want to rely on ready meals
  • You are longing for a toxic-free home, and want to live a more sustainable and minimalist life.

I could help anyone to be more organized in the kitchen but you will get the most out of the session if you are willing to make the changes and do the work. Your life will not suddenly fall into place after one session but I can give you tools, recipes, suggestions, and hacks to help you save money, plan better, and just feel more organized in your kitchen.







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