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Refined sugar free choc chip cookies

Quick choc chip cookies

These choc chip cookies are easy to make, delicious and refined sugar-free. I had to test the recipe about six times to get them perfect. You can also use normal sugar or another sugar replacement for this recipe.


(Makes 16 portions)

60g oats
250g peanut butter
70g xylitol
50g chocolate chips
50g chopped pecan nuts
1 egg
5 ml vanilla essence
2.5 ml baking soda
2.5 ml cinnamon


Preheat oven to 280’C

Cream the peanut butter with a wooden spoon until soft. Add the oats, xylitol, baking soda, chocolate chips and pecan nuts stir through.

Whisk eggs and vanilla with a fork. Add it to the oat mixture and mix with your hands until it forms a ball of dough.

Break into balls of about 30g. Place on baking tray and press until flat.

Bake in preheated oven until golden brown or for about 12- 15 minutes. Let it cool down on a cooling rack until hard.

Ankie Niesing

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