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{Product review} KURO-Bō natural water filter

KURO-Bō activated charcoal has changed our lives for the better. Water has never tasted this amazing. So fresh and clean. This little stick is really a game-changer and just had to do a review for everyone who has not tried it.

I just recently discovered this GREAT product, this way of filtering water has been around for thousands of years but has only been available in SA for the last few years. A lot of people might be skeptical about KURO-Bō activated charcoal. Can a burnt stick really filter water and yes it can! The filtration process really is scientifically amazing and magical at the same time. But we will get into that a bit later.

Pure water is the worlds first and foremost medicine – Proverb

Did you know that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day?  Of course, you did!


We complain about so many ailments, we visit doctors and drink medicine but just by being more mindful and take a minute to think, is a lack of water not causing your pain?

We take antibiotics for urine infections but are you drinking enough water to clear toxins from your bladder and kidneys.

We are constantly snacking and over eating but is it not your body signaling that you are dehydrated.

This blog post is not going to be a science lecture about the structure of water and 20 reasons why we need to consume at least 2000ml per day (which is also debatable depending on age, activity level, weight, weather etc.)

If you want to turn your diet around, just start with water and then start making other small changes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

So let’s say you would like to become a super hydrated bunny, what are your options in South Africa regarding clean water?  They say that a lot of the large Metro areas have a blue drop grading and the water is safe to drink but they also say a lot of other things here:)  And what about all the smaller towns where you really are risking your life drinking tap water?

Tap water can be full of toxins like lead, aluminum, copper, iron, mercury, manganese and chlorine that can kill bugs fast but are killing us slowly

So what are your options?

Option 1

If you have the funds you can install a super filtration system and well you are sorted but there are still expenses every few years and filters that need to be replaced.

Option 2

Buy water, a lot of water and a lot of plastic bottles- we really are not helping the earth here people.

Option 3

Just drink tap water and hope for the best.

Option 4

Buy a KURO-Bō activated charcoal stick.

It is affordable, eco-friendly, easy to use and yes the water taste so much better (even my skeptical husband gave it a thumbs up) There is a massive difference when comparing the taste from tap water to water that has been filtered with a KURO-Bō stick.


How does KURO-Bō activated charcoal work?

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is created by carefully harvesting high-quality hardwood, which is then baked by highly trained craftsmen in a special kiln – initially at low, and then later at extremely high temperatures of over 1000ºC. This process causes the wood to carbonise and activate, while also enlarging its pore structure to enable maximum toxin adsorption. After 7 – 14 days, the carbonized wood is removed from its kiln and covered with a mixture of earth, sand, and ash, giving it a temporary whitish hue – as well as its other name of “white charcoal”. Once cooled, the activated charcoal is then carefully hand-cut in order to be used as a natural water filter, as well as in many other innovative ways.

Activated charcoal is a known sponge for toxins – and it’s the main component of many water filtration systems. Aside from removing toxins, it also mineralises water with magnesium and calcium and neutralizes the PH levels.

Is it economical?

A stick lasts up to 3 months and normally cost R235.

If a family of four buys bottled water it will cost around R153 for a week’s supply of drinking water and for a month it will be R 615.72.

Your KURO-Bō stick will only cost R78 per month to have clear filtered water. It is a no brainer.

How to activate your stick?

Just have a look to see how simple it is.

Where to buy KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal?

You can buy it online from KURO-Bō , Faithfull to nature Wellness warehouse or it is available from various shops country wide

Tips for drinking more water

  • Drink water little and often is the best way to stay hydrated
  • Have water accessible to children, our filtered water is in a glass dispenser and my children can help themselves at any time
  • Everyone in the household should have their own water bottle preferably not plastic. Rather buy a durable flask that will last a lifetime like this one from quench products instead of cheap plastic bottles that will also not keep water cold. And keep that bottle filled and close by at all times.
  • Start the day with hot water and some lemon juice
  • A lot of foods like watermelon, cucumber, soups, and celery also has a high water content to help with hydration
  • In the summer you can also make ice lollies with fruits and water.
  • Flavour water with fresh fruits like berries and citrus, cucumber and herbs
  • Water should be the only drink of choice in school lunchboxes
  • In winter it is harder to stay hydrated so drink a lot of green teas, red bush tea and eat soups.
  • And yes there is also an app for tracking your water intake or use your diary to keep track of your water habits waterlogged foriphoneusers and for android phones water your body

Get yours now, it will be so worth it and your body will thank you.

Stay hydrated folks

Love Ankie

Ankie Niesing

Hi, I'm Ankie! Welcome to Wooden Spoon Kitchen, my pantry of life, love and health where we constantly stir laughter, learning, eating and cooking together!

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